Bad Weather Wedding Day Failsafes

wedding weather

As the old saying goes, fail to prepare and prepare to fail! And with all this ‘Beast from the East’ Business shutting down almost entire Countries recently, we think this is an imperative rule to live by where Wedding planning in concerned.

#1 – Are you planning to marry outdoors? It’s wise to choose a Wedding venue whose indoor alternative is also to your taste. In Northern Ireland, and just in general, the Weather is too unpredictable to be solely relying on the idea of the idyllic outdoor wedding.

#2  – Check the routes to your venue in the days leading up to the big day.

For Wedding guests coming from afar it’s always helpful to have different route alternatives in the event of unexpected road closures and if you value the presence of your nearest and dearest to share your most special day, it’ll be well worth the extra admin.

#3 – If you’ve hired a DJ for your reception then the same rules apply regarding routes and directions. But in the most unlikely event that weather or traffic related incidents renders your DJ a no show, you will need to have a playlist on standby.

If you’re restricted for time then enlist one of your Wedding party (best man or bridesmaid) to do this on your behalf. Failing that, you’ll need to pin down someone who’d be willing to hand over their phone for the evening.

#4 – If you’re shipping in a photographer from outside your area, you might want to consider having them travel down the previous day.

It might incur extra cost for time and accommodation but it will ensure that not a moment is missed of your special day and you could also wind up with some bonus images from the night before.

#5 – Most couples will spend time deliberating over the right choice of food for their Wedding Breakfast. If you’re hiring an ‘out of house’ catering company to supply your food then be sure to make contact with them in the days leading up to your Wedding.

If any unexpected culinary disaster strikes, due to weather conditions or otherwise, then you would do well to have the local takeaways as a backup.

While fish and chips might not bare any resemblance to dauphinoise potatoes, it goes without saying that hungry guests do not make happy guests. So needs must!

#6 – Quite frankly, the less you give a damn the happier you’ll be! You simply cannot control the weather so why bother worrying about it?! The importance of your Wedding Day lies between yourself and your partner, nothing else.

So if it rains pull on a pair of welly boots and your biggest smile. Dramatic weather makes for some dramatic photography… and the sense of community that comes with extreme weather will bring your guests closer together and make for one awesome party!

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