The 6 Top Wedding Trends of 2018

The 2018 Wedding Scene is set to be infiltrated by minimalism, natural elements and pure, unprocessed romance.

If you’re planning to marry in the forthcoming year, prepare to enjoy the best day of your life just that little bit more!

#1 Foliage

From table arrangements to bouquets… foliage greens are the most prominent of the 2018 Wedding Trends. This debut is one which produces the most stunning ‘moody’ photography and echoes the ever rising movement towards minimalism and ‘Scandinavian’ chic.

foliage wedding trend

#2 Woodland Wonders

Resembling the former, Woodland Weddings are too on the increase. And it’s little wonder… this is an effortlessly romantic setting which, again, is a photographic dream. Evocative of the Twilight Wedding, there is no venue more organically charming than this.

woodland wedding trend

#3 Bohemian Bride

Although not uncommon in the last decade, the naturalistic style and flow of the bohemian wedding dress ties in gracefully with the whimsical theme that is set to dominate the tone of 2018 Weddings. Basic Floral and/or bead embellishment teamed with minimalistic undertones.

wedding dress

#4 Alternative Wedding Food

The Traditional Wedding Breakfast is seeing a decline. Quickly being succeeded by an alternative and more cultural preference. From Mexican to Japanese… couples are now beginning to go with a more adventurous spread or one which simply reflects their own taste inclination.

food wedding trends

#5 Intimate Gatherings

Gone are the days of obligatory invites for your ‘cousins cousin’. And rightly so. Smaller Wedding Ceremonies strip back the excess which has overtaken the modern day Wedding… and replace it with something far superior in enjoyment, meaningfulness and romance.

ceremony wedding trends

#6 Unique Wedding Entertainment 

And with a smaller invite list, couples can now splash that extra cash on impressing their guests with a more extraordinary level of Wedding Entertainment. Whether it be fire breathers or secret singers… guest entertainment is ranking as one of the highest Wedding priorities for 2018.

alternative wedding entertainment



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