Magic Selfie Mirror

Check out this fun and alternative way to capture your guests having a great day!!!
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What is the Magic Selfie Mirror?

The Magic Selfie Mirror is a fantastically fun photo concept.

The Magic Selfie Mirror is a photo booth concealed behind a magic mirror.

How it works:

Guests can see themselves in the mirror

Animations play to guide them to touch the screen and even sign!

The hidden camera flashes behind the mirror and guests receive an instant branded print

Why use a Magic Selfie Mirror?

it’s a fun concept that many of your guests will not have seen before

Mirrored Screen shows guests in realtime interacting with the booth

Touch screen interface used to start the booth and signing photos

Instant Prints from the Magic Mirror

Hidden technology (it looks just like a mirror!)

The NEW Photo Booth Experience!

Elegant, modern social photography, the Selfie mirror NI is a unique photo based activation experience that is perfect for any event!

Using a two way mirror the guest can see their reflection like in a normal mirror, the mirror will then spark to life and interactive elements can be displayed on-screen inviting the guest to ‘touch the mirror’

Once the guests activates the mirror it will then display customised messages and a count down before taking 1-4 photos.

After the photos are taken the mirror then displays a message asking the guest to sign or add their name to their photos – these images can then be printed and shared directly to social media.

The Mirror

The Selfie Mirror is a one of a kind unique stylish photo booth that fits in well with any event and is 100% customisable.

The Process

Guests take away photos from the Magic Selfie Mirror. These prints are branded with custom messages, logos and graphics.

The Prints

Choose from a range of print sizes and orientations, custom brand the photos to create fully branded giveaways.

Signature Feature

The Signing Features allows guests to sign the mirror and add a personalised message to their photos. 

We can position the signature anywhere on the photo printout.

Check out the cool promo video……

Promotional Videos

Promotional Music